Recipes with Snails

Recipes with Snails

The Snails of our farm are checked by the veterinary services, so they are the most safe and healthy and can be used directly for cooking.

Someone should be very cautious in case that he chooses to eat snails from nature, or snails that some cunning baptize them as "coming from farm." Unfortunately there are many people that collect thoughtlessly from nature, causing damage to biodiversity and possibly to the health of the consumers.

Cooking preparation (for all recipes)

- We take as many snails as we have calculated for the food that we will cook. (1 kg for 4-5 servings)

- We place them in a bowl with plenty of cold water, and we cover them with an empty plate.

- We leave them about half an hour. We do this because after a while snails will come alive by the moisture!

- We observe snails: some have come out of the shell and some not. Those who have come out are healthy and ready for cooking. For those that have not come out we try gently with our hands to remove their membrane, if they leave the shell they are healthy and ready for cooking. CAUTION: If after removing the membrane snails do not come out of their shell, this means that they are not alive and therefore their consumption is FORBIDDEN!

- Then we put them in clean water and rub them enough between our palms so that they leave out any possible impurities left.

- We put water in a saucepan, and after boiling we pour them and cook for 30 minutes.

- Finally we rinse them with plenty of cold water.

Our Snails are ready to be cooked in any way we want.

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